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What is Vector?

Vector is and advanced Real-time Monitor System, to safe the status of sensitive goods and protect it during their Transportation.

Based in a Client-Server architecture including a Secure (https) WEB access.

Vector is able to monitor microclimate and environmenal data by wireless sensors installed in Buildings, Indoor or Outdoor Areas, Hard case or coupled to sensitive and/or valuable items such as:

  • Dangerous or Sensitive Materials/Items
  • Art Works
  • Fresh and Frozen Food
  • Tobacco
  • Cigarettes

on site as well as during their transport (Road, Maritime, Air).

The NAIS solution for the “real-time monitoring system for sensitive items transportation”.

The system, at the state of technology art, aims to monitor and control the integrity of “sensible goods” along theig inter-modal transportation. Many economic sectors can take advantage from the easy to use, VECTOR system technology applications such as: Cultural Assets, Fresh and Frozen Food, Dangerous Materials, Tobacco and Horses transport.

With VECTOR Technology and Customer Commercial Service is now possible to know, in real time on the mobile device such as Smarthphone and Tablet (App.) or via the Web:

  1. the microclimate of the vehicle’s loading room (Temperature, Humidity and Luminosity);
  2. to detect vibrations and mechanical shocks;
  3. to know the exact position of the vehicle and other useful information related to a sensitive transport;
  4. to detect and record horse hearth rhythm.