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Vector technologies can be summarized as:

  • WIRELESS SENSOR UNIT: They are enclosed in one single box, to detect Temperature, humidity, Luminosity, Vibrations and Mechanical shocks acting on the Load along the transport, and can be installed everywhere in the loading room. The wireless Sensor Unit has the CE and EVE/ONU Automotive Certification.
  • MOBILE TERMINAL: Smartphone & Tablet (Android) & Mobile Communications – to promptly report Sensors’ Data, Alarms, Messages and vehicles’ Position, Locally and Remotely. By means of the Mobile terminals, the driver can:
    • Perform Route Planning
    • Receive visual and voice Route Guidance
    • See the Sensors’ data and alarms
    • Exchange text messages with the WEB Monitoring Centre
    • Trigger Emergencies (pressing the Panic Button)

System overview

  • GNSS: The vehicle is localized with precision, and the driver can perform Route Planning and receive both visual and voice Route Guidance.
  • SECURE WEB: The Transport Responsible or the authorized customer cna access the transport data via secure WEB page (https).
  • WEB MONITORING CENTER: Through a secure WEB page (HTTPS), the transport responsible can keep under control all the transport’s parameters (Temperature, Humidity, Luminosity, Vibrations and Mechanical shocks acting on the load, vehicle’s position, vehicle’s stops), and receive eventual alarms (display and acoustic) concering anomalous events.