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horse_1_thumbHorses are sensitive and precious animals that need to be constantly monitored to guarantee their Wellness, their Safety and Security, when kept in stables as well as during their transportation.

An agitated horse in stable or a bad conditions of the roads, could lead the horse to hit the environment in which it is hosted. As well as, variation of the van’s loading room microclimate, could lead to negative impact on the wellness of the horse, if not detected in time.

VECTOR being able to monitor the horse’s environment in stable as well as during the transport, is of paramount importance to efficiently prevent or manage critical situations, in order to offer the highest level of Safety and Security for the horse.

Monitoring in Stable:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Mechanical shocks
  • Luminosity

In addition monitoring factors during transport:

  • Vehicle’s route
  • Vehicle’s unplanned stops
  • Emergencies