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Commercial Services

Art Master Pieces, Racing Horses, perishable materials such as Flowers, Frozen items, Drugs, Tobacco, Cigarettes and other kind of sensitive and precious goods, need to be constantly monitored to guarantee their Safety, Security and Integrity during the transport. VECTOR is the most effective and technologically advanced answer to the demanding requirements that come from the Sensitive and Precious goods transportation operators and their customers.

VECTOR service is based on the following elements:

  • Mobile Device and Wireless Sensors Units to guarantee goods integrity and protect it.
  • Monitoring Work Station to follow the goods during the transport and monitor the associated parameters.

VECTOR users are typically Institutional or Private Delivery companies, Private Security Agency, Goods Owners, Transport companies and Insurance Companies.

All of them will be able to access in real-time to the transport’s data by mean a security internet access that will give them all the information related the integrity of goods and its route.

The Wireless sensor units and the App. on Mobile device are easy to install and to manage. VECTOR service is available on 24 hours for 7 days.

VECTOR means:

  • SAFETY VECTOR service and its ICT system are designed to prevent damages and negative effects, on the goods and vehicle’s crew, that could be triggered by adverse events and conditions.
  • SECURITY A quick and punctual reporting of alarms and early warnings of VECTOR, if any event interferes with the security of the transport at any stage and level, allows the transport responsible to promptly manage and recover critical situations.
  • EFFICIENCY The capability of the VECTOR service to report real-time early warnings and alarms, allows the users to avoid expensive waste of time as well as economical and human resources misuse.